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Risk Engineering Guides

Property: Our position on aluminium composite panels and insulated sandwich panels

Seven questions to help better understand the associated risks of cladding

As a leading commercial insurer in Australia, we’re often asked our position on aluminium composite panels and insulated sandwich panels.

To help us better understand the risks involved we often ask these seven questions.

  • When was the cladding installed?
  • Who manufactured the cladding? Who supplied the cladding? Who installed the cladding?
  • What material is the cladding made of? Does it have layers of insulation of any type bonded to it? If so, what are the details of these materials? Does it have any manufacturer and/or fire test certification by an accredited testing laboratory (for example, is it NATA accredited)?
  • Is there any certification marking or other verification marks on the cladding to confirm that the cladding installed is that specified in the fire safety studies?
  • Has the cladding been installed using the same construction and jointing system specification as originally fire tested?
  • Is there additional insulation material behind the cladding? If so, what is it made of, and is there any manufacturer and/or fire testing certification?
  • Have there been any audits, checks, tests, inspections, investigations or surveys of any type of the cladding and insulation? If so, what was the outcome?

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