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Industrial oil cookers

Large containers filled with combustible liquid then heated. Fire hazard? Most definitely. How can these be regularly tested and maintained?

Industrial oil cookers - large containers filled with a combustible liquid which is heated - present a significant fire hazard, yet are in everyday use in commercial kitchens. In order to protect employees and premises from fire, a regular testing and maintenance schedule as well as rigorous safety systems need to be in place.

Among other considerations:

  • there should be suitable curbing and drainage arrangements
  • a low liquid level switch should be installed
  • ventilation systems, conveyors and heating equipment should be interlocked to shut down automatically in case of fire
  • the room should be fitted with a local fire protection system, such as a deluge water spray.

Liberty's risk engineers have written the Industrial oil cookers guide to give business and property owners practical pointers for the responsible housing and use of industrial oil cookers.


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