Warranty & Indemnity

The best transactions are not always straightforward but the smoother the transition from buyer to seller the better for all concerned.

Liberty GTS’s Warranty & Indemnity insurance provides comprehensive coverage that can help set expectations and mitigate the risk and uncertainty for all parties involved in a merger or acquisition—enabling a transaction to go through quickly and with certainty.

For a single one-off premium, and subject to terms and conditions, clients can be covered for unknown warranty breaches and unpaid tax and settlement protection for up to seven years— long after the deal is signed.

Why buy Warranty & Indemnity insurance?

  • Clean exit for the seller
  • Extend the duration and/or cap of warranties
  • Faster claims settlement and pay-out
  • Protect against seller credit-risk
  • Unwillingness to sue the seller - protects the relationship with the seller

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