Environmental Impairment Liability

The financial and business interruption implications following an environmental incident can be significant, especially when the event generates substantial publicity. More prescriptive and stringent legislation, heightened media and community awareness, along with the possibility of delayed and protracted ‘long-tail’ claims, make businesses of all kinds increasingly vulnerable either as the cause or the victim of an environmental incident.

Traditional insurance products do not provide sufficient protection for environmental disasters with significant contamination exposures. Liberty's environmental impairment products help to protect against potential losses arising from such an incident, and feature cover for:


  • Clean-up costs - the main expense incurred due to the significant cost of removing contaminants and pollutants. This includes both first and third party expenses to clean-up a site, including a waterway or crown land.
  • Costs of mitigation and emergency response.
  • Public relations and crisis containment expenses
  • Costs incurred through Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) orders, including costs that the EPA incurs itself
  • Business Interruption Expenses, and
  • Bodily injury and third party property damage.

Liberty offers two types of environmental impairment liability cover – Fixed Site and Contractors.