Liberty crisis consultants

Liberty crisis consultants

HACCP Australia

HACCP Australia is a private company based in North Sydney, with staff located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong & London. They have over fifteen years of involvement with the insurance industry in responding to client's pre- incident & response requirements. They have been in the food technology business for over twenty years, and have many years of "on the factory floor" experience. This extensive experience and knowledge makes HACCP Australia one of the most experienced Crisis Management consultants in Australia and a significant addition to the value and expertise our clients can access.

Accidental Contaminations are historically the most common type of claim under a Contaminated Products policy. Being able to provide access to the expertise and experience of HACCP Australia in the event of an incident will help clients better handle these incidents. As part of Liberty's overall risk management approach, the services provided by HACCP Australia are not restricted to incident response - they can also be used before a crisis, in order to help minimise the chance of a problem occurring in the first place!

As one of the most experienced crisis management consultancy firms in Australia, access to HACCP Australia adds significant value for Liberty’s clients.


Product Risk Management

Product recalls are one of the leading causes of liability losses for businesses globally. Incidents happen. When they do, being prepared and having expert support and guidance to lead clients through it will protect business operations, reputation, and profitability. WorldAware’s Product Safety arm offers a wide range of mitigation and response consultancy services to help clients minimise risks and reduce the impact of product recalls as a result of a contamination, tamper, and extortion event.

WorldAware helps organisations develop quality assurance systems, ensure regulatory compliance, manage public relations, and maintain preparedness with accredited training courses, crisis simulation exercises, and comprehensive audits. If an incident does occur, WorldAware’s multidisciplinary team is available to help clients function efficiently, either on-site or remotely, throughout a product-related crisis and to prevent the crises from becoming a reputational disaster.

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Sometimes organisations have to send people to dangerous or unstable parts of the world. Keeping them safe there is vitally important and often challenging. WorldAware’s professional Kidnap for Ransom and Extortion (KRE) risk mitigation services significantly reduce risk to organisations, personnel, and their families, allowing them to rest assured that if an incident occurs WorldAware can provide on-the-ground response services for KRE, piracy, wrongful detention, child abduction, and stalking incidents. 

WorldAware’s team of multilingual KRE experts, including forensic specialists, is strategically placed across the globe. They are available 24/7, 365 days a year, standing ready to minimise the risks to personnel, operations, reputation, and profitability. 

WorldAware’s KRE services include response, consultancy, intelligence, alerts, reports and training.


WorldAware & Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd

Through the Asia Pacific region, the WorldAware team will be represented by Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd and lead by Neil Fergus. Neil and his team have many years’ experience in resolving crisis events for the corporate sector and various government agencies. The extensive international experience Intelligent Risks provides will be of significant value to clients in managing and mitigating the adverse impact on their personnel, assets, operations and reputation. Intelligent Risks have also assisted in the management of corporate kidnap and ransom cases in a range of environments in Asia-Pacific, as well as in Central America and Africa and advised clients following major robberies, extortion demands, ‘trusted insider’ problems, and reviewed and mitigated a number of malicious product tampering events.

Working with WorldAware & Intelligent Risks, Liberty’s Global Crisis Management experts will help provide the specialised loss control engineering and loss mitigation services necessary to protect clients’ employees, operations and reputation before, during and after a crisis.