What to do in a crisis

If a medical or other emergency occurs during a journey, Liberty’s clients have round-the-clock access to our emergency assistance provider, Global 24. This emergency assistance service is available anytime, anywhere in the world, and does not incur extra fees.

In an emergency, call Global 24 reverse charge +61 2 9299 5390.

This reverse charge facility is available 24/7 from more than 60 countries and means that no upfront payment will be required (with the exception of some public phones which may require a coin/card deposit to get a dial tone).

Making a claim

If you’d like to make a claim, please download and complete a claim form and send it to:

Email: liberty@csnet.com.au

Fax: +61 2 8256 1775

To make an enquiry, please call +61 2 8256 1770.

We will need written proof of loss in order to consider any claim under the policy. This includes originals (or certified copies) of all documentation, including certificates, receipts, and other relevant information. Please note that if we do not receive the appropriate documentation in the format we require, the claim settlement may be delayed.

Be prepared for an emergency

Scan the codes below to save the contact details of our emergency assistance and claims provider on your phone, before a crisis happens.

 Liberty Emergency assistance provider Claims Provider