24/7 Emergency Assistance

Accidents and illnesses do not respect office hours or convenient moments, and Liberty recognises that customers need the facility of 24/7 assistance and claims support. We have therefore teamed up with Fullerton Health Corporate Services (Fullerton) to provide an emergency assistance and claims service to our A&H customers, whatever their situation and wherever they may be.

As a specialised emergency assistance company with a sole focus on A&H, Sydney-based Fullerton has a long history of providing both emergency assistance programmes and professional claims services to the insurance industry. The Fullerton 24/7 call centre provides specialised assistance for all medical, travel and security emergencies.

Through Fullerton, Liberty’s clients have direct access to medical advice and access to a large network of medical centres and hospitals across the South-East Asian region and globally. Clients also benefit from efficient emergency travel arrangements (fast re-ticketing and access to available seats).

Fullerton shares Liberty’s commitment to settling claims promptly and with transparency. Fullerton supports a range of tailored corporate A&H products and has developed customer-friendly tools (such as online claims lodgement and management) to speed up and streamline the claims experience.