At Liberty the claims team is an integral - and integrated- part of our business.

We know insurance cover is only as strong as the response it provides.

As a highly specialised claims team, we are driven to find unique solutions. No matter what business a client is in, or how complicated their situation, we break down complexity.

From pre-inception to claims settlement and beyond; we promise to deliver an exemplary service to our clients:

  • No surprises. Not only will we make sure that you understand your policy but also what will happen if a claim is made.
  • Expertise. We will use the right resource, for the right reason, for you. If outside expertise is required, we will continue to manage the claim to ensure that you receive exemplary claims service. 
  • We deal in partnerships. You will have direct access to a Claims Specialist who will share with you how we work, be available to answer your questions and look to help at all times. They will involve you in and keep you regularly updated on the progress of your claim.
  • Settlement. Our entire service is designed to ensure that we are working to settle your claim as quickly as possible.
  • We are leaders. Our natural approach on claims is to lead. Whether it is a complex claim or a global catastrophe, our integrity, expertise and capability enables us to fulfill our commitment to our clients and enable them to prosper.

With Liberty, you’ll form relationships with a fully integrated team of underwriters, risk engineers and claims specialists. We thrive on handling claims of all types – including large, complex losses – with the passion, significant local authority and market-leading experience needed to drive solutions that make a genuine difference.